30 Years B2B experience in senior sales and marketing roles within national and multinational companies, every business I have been involved in has experienced significant growth during my tenure. I can share and impliment strategies to:

  • Map current buying insights and identify barriers to create a great overall experience that is easier, more pleasurable and more frequent
  • Align the sales and marketing process to ensure that the customer journey from start to finish is cohesive and results in increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue
“I worked closely with Brett Flower for approximately two years at Tourism & Leisure Holdings. Brett was consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the business and implemented many positive changes such as transforming the national sales team from a casual service-based group of individuals into a team of business development managers with tangible targets and goals to achieve.
Brett’s extensive sales knowledge and experience was crucial in bringing about this change. Brett is also highly analytical, and through reviewing historical sales and service levels he discovered many opportunities to exploit; ensuring marketing and sales budgets were spent more efficiently and effectively.”

Michael Grierson, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Skyscanner