Nov 2016 – Dulux Paints
Dulux was fined A$400,000 by ASIC for “making false or misleading representations about the temperature reducing characteristics of two paint products.” Dulux stated that their paint could: “reduce the interior temperature of the living zones of a house by up to 10 degrees.”

Now, I know a little about this having spent 12 years working in and owning an Air-Conditioning business. If this were true…all A/C companies would be instantly out of business! A 10 degree drop in temperature is an optimum result for most parts of Australia.

Maybe the marketing department of Dulux needs to work closer with the Research & Development department…and where was the director in all these ‘developments’?

Feb 2017 – Warby Parker
For every purchase of Warby Parker glasses, the company donates the same amount to non-profit partners, covering the cost of purchase for their own glasses. The non-profit partner then trains men and women in these developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.

These men and women work to spread awareness and make eye-care available to their communities. By selling the glasses they aim to break the cycle of dependency in these developing areas.

Started by four business school graduates, Warby Parker is estimated to be valued over US $1.2 billion.