Working with Contractors

Take just a few moments to consider how your business interacts with contractors… The cleaners, security guards, IT support, Electricians, A/C Maintenance – even the photo copy maintenance people… Who are the people you readily admit into your workplace without considering your exposure to personal risk? Responding to Regulation change is a ‘Top 3 priority ‘for Australian CEO’s according to the latest KPMG report ‘Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia”. Are you aware of the regulatory requirements as … Read More

Trust & Staff Development: The missing links & greatest opportunity

I read the latest KPMG survey ‘Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia” with great interest. Having been be an MD of a international subsidiary; charged with growth, profitability and sustainability, I was interested to see where the barometer of authentic leadership lay. Whilst there were many ‘good news’ stories of forecast growth and a conclusion that CEO’s are up for a challenge and ‘…are demonstrating an ability to embrace change while approaching new ideas with enthusiasm”, we seem … Read More

Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia

A warm welcome to you on a chilly Sydney morning. It’s been a little while! I hope you have had a chance to read KPMG’s “Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia” , if not, I highly recommend it and you can download it here . One of the key take aways for me was a that our CEO’s are making “responding to regulatory change” a top 3 priority!  That’s a nice change. In 2016, I found that nearly 43% … Read More

Is this leadership?

Why do we apply different standards for those who lead our organisations to those whom they employ? In 2016, I surveyed over 50 MD’s for a whitepaper. If you’d like a copy, visit here. Excerpt Interview question 1: Do you as an Australian MD of a foreign controlled entity consider you were adequately prepared or briefed on the corporate governance compliance accountabilities and liabilities facing a director before accepting the role? Significant responses ‘Being part of a global organisation, I … Read More

April Newsletter – Whats on Topic?

In this edition, we revisit Aprils successful SME leaders course launch; share some insights into the challenges of running international subsidiaries; delve into stakeholder engagement strategies and take another look into life’s successes and failures. Read more


On a rainy Tuesday evening, March 7, 2017 ELCA Founder Brett Flower invited a handful from within his closest professional network to a soft launch of his new business.

The loss of identity, morals and leadership.

When I was growing up we were encouraged to join sporting teams and community organisations such as the boy scouts. We learnt life skills, leadership, teamwork, respect and discipline from a very young age. In the early eighties, groups like the scouts started suffering from declining numbers and the community activities like a ‘bottle drive’ and “’bob-a-job’ week were vanishing. That was over thirty-five years ago. Those who were beneficiaries of that ‘community’ now should or could be our captains … Read More

Accountability for All; Not Just the 1%

“Their power is mostly wielded behind closed doors and their disagreements protected by a code of silence” states the ABC’s Carrington Clarke The article is a call for director accountability. It goes on to quote director board exchanges, learnings and the perceived lack of understanding of duties and failures. All adequately referenced to those who have regular interaction with boards and those “ASX listed company directors (that) receive very little attention outside the set piece annual general meetings that they are forced to … Read More

Does Big Business Want to Change?

Like many people, I followed the VW omissions scandal with disbelief…well, disappointment. Did any of us believe that a company whose primary aim was to become number one would not bend just a few rules? You have to dig a little deeper (read scratch the surface) to discover the underlying culture of big business. In 2009, an article appeared stating that “Volkswagen hopes to be the “number one” automaker in the world by 2018, an ambition it predicts will require a targeted approach to price, production and … Read More