In 2016, our directors sentiment white paper found nearly 43% of organisations do not keep their staff updated to changes in legislation. This = RISK

This course can be delivered in One day or 4 x 2 Hour sessions. They can be held at your workplace via one on one training or small group sessions.

The PCBU should ideally attend the First 2 hours.

Assist with determining the legal framework for WHS in the workplace

1.1 Access current WHS legislation and related documentation relevant to the organisation’s operations

1.2 Use knowledge of the relationship between WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidance material to assist with determining legal requirements in the workplace

1.3 Assist with identifying and confirming the duties, rights and obligations of individuals and parties as specified in legislation

1.4 Assist with seeking advice from legal advisers where necessary

Assist with providing advice on WHS compliance

2.1 Assist with providing advice to individuals and parties about their legal duties, rights and obligations, and the location of relevant information in WHS legislation

2.2 Assist with providing advice to individuals and parties about the functions and powers of the WHS regulator and how they are exercised, and the objectives and principles underpinning WHS

Assist with WHS legislation compliance measures

3.1 Assist with assessing how the workplace complies with relevant WHS legislation

3.2 Assist with determining the WHS training needs of individuals and parties, and with providing training to meet legal and other requirements

3.3 Assist with developing and implementing changes to workplace policies, procedures, processes and systems that will achieve compliance

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This course is Nationally recognised and accredited. Participants who successfully complete it can receive credit toward a Certificate IV in WHS

This training is provided by Leadership & Compliance partnering with and under the auspices of Safety Corp Pty Ltd RTO 91694