Do your clients enjoy working with you or do they have to work with you?

Over the past 20 years, I have nurtured a diversity of relationships ranging from Heads of State, right through to Maintenance Service teams. I’ve found that by applying enhanced stakeholder engagement techniques, the fiercest critic can become a person’s or businesses strongest and steadfast promoter.

My strategic approach will:

  • Spearhead stakeholder engagement process to increase sales and greatly enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Develop and implement customer segmentation of ideal and preferential clients to ensure service and pricing is afforded to the right customer in a timely and effective manner
“I have known Brett ever since he joined Reinhausen Australia many years ago. Brett has provided me and my company with world class customer service, expert technical advice; and provided value-add products at a reasonable price.

Brett takes personal interest in ensuring that his clients are satisfied. He is an established leader, and more specifically a leader in his field. Over the years with Brett in the role of Managing Director and General Manager at Reinhausen Australia, I have seen him grow the company from the ground up. He has built a capable, agile, flexible and most importantly a happy workforce; and embedded a strong service delivery culture.”Ashwin Maharaj Manager Substations and Principal Engineer at APD Engineering