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In 2016, Brett conducted research into the current support afforded Novice Company Directors. Over 4 months, more than 50 leaders from organisations with bases in Australian, participated. Some companies are household names, others you would never know.

The report analysed the planning, preparation and journey with those who have been charged with the ultimate responsibility of running a business at the bequest of a parent company.

The findings were astounding. Just over 14% of participants had undergone any formal directorship training. A further 72% had received no formal induction from their parent company when they became directors.

This oversight places the Australian Based Director at significant personal and financial risk.

The report addresses the shortfall in the support, current Corporate Governance literature and teachings for those directors involved with small-medium enterprise organisations. (SME)

The paper was the final project for a Master Degree in Corporate Governance Research. It was graded a high Distinction.

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