COMPLIANCE…….is not a goal
– it is the law!

Proper governance is a responsibility for all who run a business or have influence over the financial performance of a company. We take theoretical and legislative knowledge and apply it to real world learnings that can be integrated with your front-line staff.

A PCBU is a person who conducts a business or undertaking alone or with others. The business or undertaking can operate for profit or not-for-profit. The definition of a PCBU focuses on the work arrangements and the relationships to carry out the work. In addition to employers, a PCBU can be a corporation, an association, a partnership or sole trader.

As a PCBU, YOU are regarded as an ‘officer’ and you have considerable exposure to personal and financial risk…

Out team has led and transformed icons of international industry through team development and vigilance of compliance and culture.

...compliance and governance should be lauded, proudly communicated and never viewed as burdensome. However, it should also be transparent, accessible and form the core of every company’s culture.

Brett Flower

Committed Teams + Vigilant Compliance create a Great Culture

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