Trust & Staff Development: The missing links & greatest opportunity

I read the latest KPMG survey ‘Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia” with great interest. Having been be an MD of a international subsidiary; charged with growth, profitability and sustainability, I was interested to see where the barometer of authentic leadership lay.

Whilst there were many ‘good news’ stories of forecast growth and a conclusion that CEO’s are up for a challenge and ‘…are demonstrating an ability to embrace change while approaching new ideas with enthusiasm”, we seem to be going backward globally on the very basic necessity that companies need to invest in. Their people.

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Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia

A warm welcome to you on a chilly Sydney morning. It’s been a little while!

I hope you have had a chance to read KPMG’s “Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia” , if not, I highly recommend it and you can download it here .

One of the key take aways for me was a that our CEO’s are making “responding to regulatory change” a top 3 priority!  That’s a nice change. In 2016, I found that nearly 43% of Aussie MD’s did not keep their staff updated to legalisation relevant to their functional areas. So, after what 2017 had dealt us so far, it’s great to see some focused, forward thinking leadership!

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