Ethical Leadership & Compliance Australia (ELCA) Founder and Facilitator Brett Flower’s aim is to help businesses and their teams realise their potential.

He brings a 20 year corporate career that showcases tangible successes across four industry sectors. Not one to be pigeon holed or labelled, Brett focuses on the destination and prepares those who are willing to come along for the journey.

The experience gained through Senior Manager and Directorship roles in National and Multinational organisations, revealed there are three areas that consistently provided leaders and business owners with challenges to achieve ambitious strategic, operational and financial targets.

  1. Culture
  2. Capability
  3. Co-operation

Ideally, the goal of any leader should be to realise potential through “achievement” in these areas through an organic approach.

Many answers to complex problems lie within. Your most antagonistic of stakeholders may just become your most stalwart supporters…